Dual Circuit Pieces

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  1. Versa Chin / Dip Assist VS-S601

    Versa Chin / Dip Assist VS-S601

    • Gas-assisted knee platform folds up for unassisted bodyweight exercises and training variety
    • Knee platform features a protective top pad for added training security
    • Large, textured foot platforms provide easy entry and exit 
    • Clearly indicated adjustments for ease of use Ideally angled dip grips encourage proper wrist placement and muscle variation 
    • Multi-position pull-up handles for greater exercise variety 
    • Conveniently located adjustment point provides user with a hard stop to prevent injury
  2. Versa Leg Extension / Leg Curl VS-S711

    Versa Leg Extension / Leg Curl VS-S711

    • Angled pads and ideal pivot location promote full muscle contraction and alignment for both exercises
    • Dual-action CAM enables a smooth transition between exercises
    • Adjustments are easily performed in the seated position
    • Back pad ratchets forward for easy adjustment from the seated position 
    • Clearly indicated adjustments for ease of use
  3. Lat / Row

    Lat / Row

    Angled seat properly aligned with the mid row pulley creates an unobstructed path for the rowing exercise. Two rail handle holder prevents rowing handle from coming undocked and strengthens the frame. Polished and knurled aluminum foot rest creates a no wear surface and enhances the premium aesthetics.
  4. Bicep / Tricep

    Bicep / Tricep

    Oversized hand pads provide added comfort for tricep press exercise. Rear seat pad for added stabilization during tricep exercise. Multiple starting positions for both exercises.
  5. AB / Low Back

    AB / Low Back

    Overhead grips and a rolling back pad prestretch the abdominals and creates a traditional crunch exercise. Unlike other ab/back machines there is no need to exit the machine to change exercises. Minimal adjustments creates ease of use and long term durability. The oversized seat and rounded lumbar pad increase user comfort.
  6. Multi Press CT Line

    Multi Press CT Line

    Shoulder, Incline, Chest and Decline Presses. Pivoting Back Pad supports each exercise. Height adjustable seat.
  7. Inner / Outer CT Line

    Inner / Outer CT Line

    Padded thigh and ankle supports. Thirteen exercise start positions. Easy access weight stack.
  8. Leg Press CT Line

    Leg Press CT Line

    One-inch shafts and ball bearings at every pivot. Eight seat positions. Large non-skid footplate.
  9. Pec Dec CT Line

    Pec Dec CT Line

    Dual ten position cams for varying ranges of motion for both pec fly and rear delt exercises. Five seat height positions. Ball bearing pivots. Compact design.


    Lat pull down, Mid-row, Bicep Curl, Low row, Tricep Push down. Hyper Back Extension. Height adjustable thigh pad/preacher curl pad with tightening poppin for more stability.

Items 1 to 10 of 17 total

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