Dual Circuit Pieces

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  1. Leg Curl/Extension VY-2040

    Leg Curl/Extension VY-2040

    Unique adjustable seat enables correct biomechanics. Easy back-pad adjustments from seated position. Adjustable range of motion for both exercises. Separate incremental adjustments for small weight increases.
  2. Varsity Series Leg Press / Calf VY-6003

    Varsity Series Leg Press / Calf VY-6003

    Dual-function machine increases functionality and saves space. Large back pad easily adjusts to control range of motion. Large, nonskid footplate accommodates users of all sizes. Drop-down incremental weight system provides smaller increases in weight.
  3. Multi-hip VY-2010

    Multi-hip VY-2010

    2:1 weight ratio for smaller increases between plates and faster movements. Unique micro-adjustment pivot point offers precise positioning for a variety of users. Large hand rails improve support and stability. Separate incremental adjustment for small weight increases.
  4. Leg Press/Hack Squat PPD-830

    Leg Press/Hack Squat PPD-830

    Large aluminum foot plates for exercise variation. Dual self-aligning 1-1/2" linear bearing system. Back support adjusts to upright or flat for either seated or horizontal positioning. Control lever for multiple start positions.

4 Item(s)

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