Dual Circuit Pieces

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  1. Multi-Press CG-9503

    Multi-Press CG-9503

    Unique multi-position bench allows for variety of press exercises.
  2. Lat/Mid-Row CG-9504

    Lat/Mid-Row CG-9504

    Dual function lat and low row exercises. Adjustable thigh hold down pads provide stability and firm support during workouts.
  3. Bicep / Triceps CG-9506

    Bicep / Triceps CG-9506

    Unique compact design allows traditional standing bicep and tricep exercises. Fixed low pulley station with rotating narrow bar provides greater user comfort and variety.
  4. Ab/Back CG-9510

    Ab/Back CG-9510

    Quick-set torso pad easily adjusts for both abdominal and back exercises. Seat belt enhances user comfort, support and firm hold-down during exercises.
  5. Leg Extension/Curl CG-9514

    Leg Extension/Curl CG-9514

    Convenient adjustment handles allow easy transition between exercises. Counter-balanced pivot arm with self-aligning foot roll to accommodate various size users.
  6. Inner/Outer Thigh CG-9515

    Inner/Outer Thigh CG-9515

    Unique dual design allows for adduction and abduction exercises. Multiple start positions for both inner and outer thigh exercises.
  7. Leg Press CG-9516

    Leg Press CG-9516

    Convex footplate provides neutral ankle and knee alignment during exercises. 5-position ergonomic seat carriage for various leg lengths.

7 Item(s)

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