VismoX Group Display

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Quick Overview

Studio members are now able to track every workout activity, both indoors and outside, with VismoX. Use a smart phone GPS, heart rate sensor, and power meter to get a complete record of your activities and fitness.”


VismoX is a web-based data analysis tool, which big screen display, integrated spot-reservation and mobile applications. Its functions include dynamic FTP testing, custom intensity rides, GPS rides, and competition modes. Video integration and instructor cueing top off the experience for a true power-based indoor cycling solution.”

Additional Information

  • Studio Benefits
    • Diversity: With a range of different configurations, types of rides, and visual interest, you can more easily attract new members to your studio. Whether your member is a beginner who wants pure motivation, or a hard core outdoor cyclist, VismoX has the tools all of your members will love.
    • Auto Scheduling: VismoX offers the possibility to auto schedule classes without the need for an instructor. This can improve your offering and extend the use of your otherwise unused indoor cycling studio.
    • Club Admin: VismoX stores all configuration data in the cloud, making it easy to perform club admin tasks from your office, add classes, and get usage reports and details for analysis.
    • Booking Terminal: Offering in-studio booking terminals for members to reserve bikes reduces wait time before classes, and makes the rider login process seamless.
  • Instructor Benefits
    • Easy Creation of Intensity Profiles: The instructor tool allows you to create custom intensity profiles for each class. By combining the intensity zones in varying orders and intervals, you can create the intensity profiles that suit your clients.
    • Create Competition Routes: The VismoX system offers the unique possibility of riding outdoor routes indoors in a class setting.
    • Full Class Control: The VismoX instructor panel allows you to have full control of your classes, including visual options, intensity profiles, and scripts that cue you with what is coming next.
  • Member Benefits
    • Track & Record: VismoX enables you to track and record all your workout activities. View and review your data to follow your progress.
    • Power & Heart Rate: With VismoX in your indoor cycling class, you are able to see your power output and heart rate data on the big screen in the studio.
    • Book Your Bike: Book your bike online, ahead of class, through the VismoX website or app. Get your favorite spot in the studio!
    • Route Maker: Challenge yourself and your friends in VismoX Route Maker with the advanced competition module based on power data.
    • Data Sync: All your data is synced to your own VismoX training diary. Get a complete overview of your workouts!