Recumbent/Total Body Bikes

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  1. CXP Target Training Cycle

    CXP Target Training Cycle

    Attract more riders to your cycling classes and keep them coming back with our revolutionary CXP Target Training Cycle.
  2. CXM Training Cycle

    CXM Training Cycle

    CXM includes a generator-powered LCD console that’s as responsive as it is intuitive and easy-to-read. Our ANT+ and Bluetooth-compatible design makes it easy to track watts, heart rate, RPMs or laps.
  3. CXC Training Cycle

    CXC Training Cycle

    Our single-piece, weld-free drive system with an adjustment-free Flexonic belt provides consistent performance and will never warp, and our magnetic resistance system virtually eliminates internal friction and failure points.
  4. Bladez 200R Recumbent Bike

    Bladez 200R Recumbent Bike

    The 200R recumbent is a perfect fit for your residence. With its small footprint design and transport wheels, space saving and designing are an easy task! The easy to read large blue backlit LCD display provides a legible motivational feedback. Choose from a variety of 23 preset programs and to 16 Resistance levels to keep yourself up to date with your personal progress.
  5. Expresso HD Recumbent Bike

    Expresso HD Recumbent Bike

    The Expresso HD Recumbent Bike is the ultimate fitness product to keep you comfortable and motivated. The interactive cycling experience on the Expresso HD keeps exercisers engaged, improving and loyal. Challenges bring the community together working towards a common goal. Not to mention it's a killer showpiece for your home or fitness facility.
  6. HR3500 Touch Recumbent

    HR3500 Touch Recumbent

    For Quads – a Smooth, Demanding & Powerful Workout For Knees, Hips, Back – Strengthens Key Support Musculature For Seniors, Injured & Deconditioned – Delivers Enhanced Stability & Fall Prevention 360° Training Activates Entire Lower Body Much Greater Strengthening & Calorie Burn At Your Own Pace’ Intensity Control Gluteus Medius & Maximus Inner & Outer Thighs Dramatic Strengthening & Toning Benefits

6 Item(s)

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