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Hampton Fitness was founded on the idea that free weights aren’t a “necessary evil” for fitness facilities, they’re an essential part of the foundation of any gym. Hampton’s founders had years of experience in iron and steel manufacturing before entering the fitness industry with the launch of Hampton Fitness in 1996. The company’s dedicated team of fitness equipment experts is headquartered in Ventura, California, and Hampton free weight products are sold both directly and through a large network of independent dealers all over the country. It’s this strict attention to detail that sets Hampton products apart.

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  1. Outdoor Olympic Plates and Bar

    Outdoor Olympic Plates and Bar

    When your clients are ready to train in the in the elements of their surroundings, when they are willing to feel the rain on their face, the sunshine on their backs‚…will you be there to spot them?
  2. Hampton Fitness - Jelly Bells Bin Rack

    Hampton Fitness - Jelly Bells Bin Rack

  3. Hampton Fitness - Vertical Racks

    Hampton Fitness - Vertical Racks

    The Hampton vertical racks are optimal for personal training and home use for mostly Hampton Dumbbells. *Dumbbells sold separately.
  4. Hampton Fitness - Saddle Racks

    Hampton Fitness - Saddle Racks

    Hampton's saddle racks are designed with no sharp edges that could shred your dumbbells.
  5. Hampton Fitness - Flat Tray Racks

    Hampton Fitness - Flat Tray Racks

    The flat tray racks come in one-tier, two-tier and three-tier styles. The three-tiered flat rack was the industry's first biomechanically correct dumbbell rack. Its trays are positioned at angles that help prevent injury when loading and off loading dumbbells.
  6. Outdoor Kettlebells and Rack

    Outdoor Kettlebells and Rack

    Hampton Fitness Outdoor Kettlebells and Rack are ready for their opportunity to shine.
  7. 3-Tier Chrome Dumbbell Saddle Rack

    3-Tier Chrome Dumbbell Saddle Rack

    Hamptons Chrome Dumbbell rack is uniquely designed system that will update the look of any home gym, fitness facility, or personal trainer's studio.
  8. Kettle Bell Rack

    Kettle Bell Rack

    The tiers are specifically angled to make loading and unloading extremely easy and very safe.
  9. Pro Style Racks - 3 Tier

    Pro Style Racks - 3 Tier

    With no sharp edges to disfigure your dumbbells, our saddle-style dumbbell racks have biomechanically-designed tiers to make loading and off-loading your dumbbells safer and less labor-intensive.

9 Item(s)

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