Indoor Cycling

Indoor Cycling


At Stages Cycling it’s about the bike, and a whole lot more. It’s about fit, finish, accuracy and quantifying performance. It’s about innovation. It’s about ‘measured improvement.’ The Stages Cycling Bike is not just another ‘Indoor Cycling’ bike — It’s Stages and it has the power to turn athletes into success stories.

  1. The Stages SC2 Bike

    The Stages SC2 Bike

    The SC2 features the same high quality specs as the SC3, but without the Stages Power meter or self-generating EcoSCRN console.
  2. The Stages SC1 Bike

    The Stages SC1 Bike

    The SC1 is Stages Cycling’s entry level bike, but still boasts premium features and an optional Stages Power meter and console.

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