Indoor Cycling

Indoor Cycling


Virtual bikes are the ideal solution for riders who can't make class, prefer to train solo, or wish to try outthe group experience on their own before joining the group cycling environment. Virtual - for the gym floor.

Stages Cycling for Hospitality

Stages Cycling for Residential


At Stages Cycling it’s about the bike, and a whole lot more. It’s about fit, finish, accuracy and quantifying performance. It’s about innovation. It’s about ‘measured improvement.’ The Stages Cycling Bike is not just another ‘Indoor Cycling’ bike — It’s Stages and it has the power to turn athletes into success stories.

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  1. Stages Solo Bike

    Stages Solo Bike

    Born from our success in the indoor studio and with our Stages Flight group display technology, Stages Solo is a commercial performance bike for the cardio floor. Stages Solo provides a real bike feel, an engaging cycling interface, diverse ride journeys, highly accurate training feedback, the ability to track fitness goals and achievements over time.​Adding a new level of motivation, Stages Solo is designed for the rider who wants to experience the fun cycling experience of the studio but in a personalized, single-rider environment.
  2. Les Mills Virtual Bike

    Les Mills Virtual Bike

    Les Mills is proud to announce a global partnership with Stages® Indoor Cycling to bring you the LES MILLS VIRTUAL BIKE, LMVB. Experience cinematic ultra-engaging Les Mills cycle classes playing on a 15” HD touch screen console. The Stages Power meter gives live, accurate metrics as you ride, and Bluetooth™ connectivity lets you pair heartrate monitors easily.
  3. The Stages SC3 Bike

    The Stages SC3 Bike


    The Stages SC3 is what happens when passionate cyclists build indoor bikes. Ergonomically fit and engineered for simplicity and function, the SC3 seamlessly and wirelessly connects to your technology via Bluetooth® and ANT+™. The SC3 is the only indoor studio bike that comes standard with a Stages Power meter and the EcoSCRN 2 display.

  4. The Stages SC2 Bike

    The Stages SC2 Bike


    Designed for the world's most popular rhythm classes, the new SC2 is the bike for the studio that wants to take advantage of the smoothest ride and make their awesome instructors shine.

  5. The Stages SC1 Bike

    The Stages SC1 Bike


    Boasting a solid steel frame with a focus on stability, the SC1 bike is designed to emulate the noticeably smoother feel of freshly cured asphalt that every cyclist yearns for.

    Ergonomically built and engineered for simplicity and function, the SC1 can be upgraded with the Stages Power meter and a standard battery powered console. The SC1 is our entry level bike, but still offers premium features, and is the perfect bike for the high end studio that is not focusing on data tracking or measurement​

5 Item(s)

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