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  1. Power Plate® pro7™

    Power Plate® pro7™

    The Power Plate pro7 is scientifically proven to get results in half the time of traditional programs, but they will feel the difference this advanced fitness equipment makes. The pro7 is the first commercial vibration training device to feature an integrated LCD touch screen with Functional Interactive Training (F.I.T.) software, taking clients effectively through every stage of their Power Plate program.
  2. Power Plate® my5™

    Power Plate® my5™

    When you want a revolutionary, low-stress exercise and rehabilitation solution at home, the Power Plate my5 delivers with Advanced Vibration Technology.
  3. Power Plate® my7™

    Power Plate® my7™

    Take your health and fitness to its highest level with more than 250 customized programs and more than 1,000 individual exercises. The Power Plate my7 is the pinnacle of our unique whole body vibration technology.
  4. Power Plate® FitStop™

    Power Plate® FitStop™

    The FitStop is designed to revitalize employees during the work day and resolve the negative effects of sedentary behavior. The FitStop includes easy to follow instructions, and can be used in normal work clothes. It is recommended employees take two short FitStop breaks per day.The FitStop solution includes four program options; Rejuvenation, Focused Relaxation, Cardio Boost, and QuickStop. The options consist of simple stretches and movements aimed to help resolve the most common problems cause by sitting at a desk all day.
  5. BH LK510 Vibration Plate

    BH LK510 Vibration Plate

    Twin 200 Watt Vibration Motors are rated for Light Commercial Use Large, full color LCD display walks the user through 27 sport specific workouts Lower auxiliary console for control in prone or low workouts without having to leave the current stance Vibration Energy: Low Amplitude (L) to produce a peak wave displacement of 1-2mm and High Amplitude (H) produces 3-4mm displacement

5 Item(s)

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